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Products Overview

Entourage offers a variety of yearbook products for different types of organizations. Whether an elementary school, middle school, high school or college, you can be sure you will have the specific yearbooks services you will need to make a great yearbook at an affordable price. Click on the following to read more about how we tailor our services:

Yearbook Products

Elementary School Yearbooks

Elementary School Yearbooks

Our Elementary School Yearbook product includes everything parents and teachers will need to put together a professional yearbook together easily.

Middle School Yearbooks

Middle School Yearbooks

Entourage Middle School Yearbooks includes all of our yearbook services and also includes material to help advisors to organize their yearbook staffs.

High School Yearbooks

High School Yearbooks

Entourage High School Yearbooks includes the full range of our yearbooks services and includes a range of additional features for high-school students.

College & Graduate Yearbooks

College and Graduate Yearbooks

Entourage Yearbooks provides a number of custom options for Colleges and Universities to make yearbooks for everything ranging from entire school programs, individual departments, fraternities/sororities, sports teams, clubs, etc.

Military Yearbooks and Cruisebooks

Military Yearbooks

Entourage has provided Military Yearbooks and Cruisebooks to people across all branches of the US Military, Police/Fire Departments, and branches of the US government. With our principles of security, service, and affordable pricing, we have created a product to help our serviceman and servicewoman create a legacy.

Church Directories

Church Directories

Entourage Yearbooks has provided Church Directories to hundreds of churches and synagogues. Entourage can also work with your photographer to organize and layout the book for your organization.

Family Reunion Books

Family Reunion Books

Entourage Yearbooks provides a simple to use new Family Reunion Book great for your family get togethers. Keep all your memories for years to come.

Sports Team Books

Sports Book

Entourage Yearbooks provides a simple to use new Sport Team book for schools and organizations. Great fundraising tool for your teams.
  • Include team stats, season records
  • Highlights, records, and other information
  • Share your sportsbook online via facebook!

Corporate Directories

Corporate Directories

Entourage Yearbooks provides a simple to use new Corporate Directories for businesses. Great for having a directory of all your employees.

School Printing Products

School Calendars

School Calendars

Entourage Yearbooks provides a simple to use new School Calendar product for schools and organizations. Great fundraising tool for schools and PTAs/PTOs. Our calendar product includes:
  • Free calendar design software
  • Dedicated account support
  • Access to our secure online payment website
  • Various online tools to store and organize content for your calendar

Student Planners

Student Planers

Entourage Yearbooks provides - Student Planners for your school. Great way to promote the school while keeping everyone organized.

Graduation Invitations

Graduation Invitations
Entourage Yearbooks provides Graduation Invitations for your school. Graduation is an important event that celebrates both the memories of the past and the promise of future success.

School Posters

School Posters
Entourage Yearbooks provides School Posters for your school. Great for getting the word out about a fundraiser, or to advertise a school event.

School Stationery

school stationery
Entourage Yearbooks provides stationery for your school. Letter head and custom envelopes to match your schools logo and colors.

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